Custom Training Plans

One of the biggest challenges of being an athlete is knowing what to do, how often and how long.  25 years of coaching and a MS in Exercise Physiology has given me the skills to help you build the program that fits your experience and fitness levels.  Setting your goals and shoehorning it into your life schedule is tough and I can help you with this.

One of the most precious things we have is time.  Save your time in research and let me do the work for you.  All you do is show up and train and enjoy the process.

Private Lessons

It has long been known that personal attention and private lessons are a sure path to success.  If you are tired of fighting for attention during training sessions in a group, get your improvement accelerated with personal coaching, video taping and commentary.  Whether we can meet in person or we Skype and you send in video for analysis, you can’t beat the comfort of having a coach in your corner whose sole mission is your improvement.