Is your club run by professionals or by a group of passionate rowers?

In my 30 years of rowing I’ve experienced a lot of rowing clubs.  In my 20 years of coaching education I’ve heard from dozens (if not hundreds) of people and their club experiences.  The most common scenario is that of a club managed by rowers for rowers.  While the passion is there, there always seems to be a disconnect.  The missing piece of the puzzle is most often the professional disassociation that can provide the following in an unbiased fashion:

  • Program management
  • Coaching education
  • Equipment planning
  • Human resources
  • Budgeting

Here at CJ Crew Co. I can help you see the big picture, set some realistic goals and get organized.  The network I’ve built over a career in the rowing industry can help you find your place and put you on a path towards competency and success while giving you more time to enjoy being on the water.